Tips for monthly garden's maintenance.


April is a very busy month for those who wish to give their garden a proper look. The major problem is a changing weather conditions. One day will feel like summer and yet another will bring you back to winter. So if you planted seeds, the heat can actually kill the seedlings. It is also the best time for fertilizing because the soil is not too wet. You should  put lots of compost into your flowerbeds and in your balcony containers. It is still a good time for planting some bulbs. Check it in the nearest plant nursery. Of course Wendy is the best ( and they are open now, March 31, 2020).

It is important to take care of roses in April, doing everything possible to fight with fungus diseases and insects.  Most of lawns have lots of weeds now. Some of them are annual and they will disappear in summer months. But some are really bad. Those that are big or spread around and have strong roots should be uprooted. Manual uprooting is the best. I don't recommend to spray against broad-leaf weeds, it will burn grass a little. Rake the grass with the plastic rake. Remove the leaves and stones. You can fertilize it with different chemical fertilizers suitable for grass. It's time to turn on automatic watering system, most of you have it. 30 minutes, once a week will do for the lawn. You can always add if there is a Khamsin( extreme sudden heat).

And soon there will be plenty summer annuals for sale, it is necessary to have them in the  garden, they will add color and life. You should get a professional advise  about them in the nearest plant nursery. Best of luck and Happy Passover!


May is one of the mostly beautiful months in the Land. That's when most of people really enjoy nature and, of course, their own yards, gardens, balconies. May is also a month when lots of planting should be done. You can also sow different sunflowers. Amaranthus, portulaca, cosmos, dahlia are for sale in the plant nurseries. It is also a good time to sow vegetables such as beans, cucumbers, melons, sweet corn.

It is time to mow the lawns more frequently. If you have a watering system, set your timer for  30 minutes twice a week for a lawn. The trees should be watered more too.


This year June has not been very hot but normally it is a really hot period during our summer here.

It is a time for a high pest control and also paying attention to drying plants. You should cut all faded flowers from roses, annuals and perennials.  When you cut dry rose flowers make sure to cut them to the five-leaf junction, also important to remove all blind shoots that grow from the ground. It will be very efficient to additionally fertilize rose bushes.

The lawns should mowed very frequently during June.  


July is the hottest month in Israel and especially during this year. The average temperatures can reach 28-35 C (82-95 F). It is extremely hot and nobody wants to come out to take care of the garden. (So, you'd rather hire the landscaper:))

Your garden may look boring and dry. So how can you improve its look? By planting seasonal flowering annuals into your empty flowerbeds. 

The best advice: do not plant during the afternoon hours. The best time both for the plants and for yourself would be after 5-6 PM ant till the sunset.

It will be also good and beneficial for the plants if you cover them  with a sun-protecting net or even with an empty tin right after the planting. You can lift it  for some time during the morning hours. The plants will require everyday frequent and short watering for the first month. You need to water the lawn at least twice a month and the grass should be mowed taller than in spring. Do not forget to fertilize your lawn.


Maintenance does not include only watering the garden. Though it is very important. During the summer you need to fertilize the garden better by liquid fertilizer. Or you can use any chemical or organic fertilizer. Weeding should not be neglected, preferably manual. I mean  you can use a hoe or any hand tool to weed.

It is also essential to turn up the soil in order to provide air access to the roots. 

If you have roses, do not forget to fertilize them too.